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EPIC strongly believes in pro-active learning experiences. We apply innovative training and teaching methods that move beyond the traditional lecture-style format. Believing that active ‘doing’ is always preferable to passive ‘listening’, we aim instead to offer a environment that engages with students and where practice-related exercises form as importnat a part as out-of-classroom learning experiences.  


EU Training
EU Curriculum Development
Conference Design and Management  

Learning Experiences that are 
... Practise-related
... Audience-focused
... Pro-active

Check us out on YouTube: Watch three students from California making sense of the EU's Cohesion Policy

EPIC has worked with numerous clients with an academic, continuous-education, or public sector background. In collaboration with the British Council, we devised and implemented a training and conference series on EU issues that integrated over fifty events, attracted some 5000 participants and lasted seven years.  In Croatia, between 2003 and 2012, we held an annual summer academy designed for civil servants and junior diplomats.  Again in Croatia, but also in Macedonia, we worked with over 500 high school students on issues relating to democratic governance, accountability and transparency, with the Macedonian public television network producing a feature-length documentary. 

EPIC has also supported a number of study-abroad programmes of US colleges and universities with the aim of identifying and implementing conducive learning experiences that make the most of the students’ limited time in Europe. As such, we helped to remodel the curriculum of the study abroad programmes of AHA International, St Lawrence University, and Washington University at St. Louis. 

At the public level, we contributed to the reorganisation of the teaching curriculum of the UK’s civil service. We also have worked with officials from EULex in Kosovo and offered in-depth training for key decision makers in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus (north and south) and Macedonia.  Furthermore, we devised and delivered a number of training programmes for ReSPA – the Regional School of Public Administration in Montenegro. 



"I hear...I forget
I see...and I remember
I do...and I understand"