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Our network of consultants cover a broad range of EU related issues. We have worked with governmental departments, business organisations, NGOs, media representatives or educational establishments on such issues as economic governance, agriculture and rural development, legal harmonisation, policing, administrative reform and capacity building, as well as citizenship and democratic governance. 


EPIC - The European Policy Information Centre

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EU Induction
Related Issues:
Economic and political parameters of integration
Institutional mechanisms
Enlargement and the future of the EU
Key Policies
Interaction between EU and national administrations
Team Leader: Dr Andreas Staab
Associated Experts:
Dr Bob Hancké, London School of Economics
Prof Martin Lodge, London School of Economics
Dr Karen Smith, London School of Economics 
Over the years, EPIC trained a host of civil servants, business people and NGO representatives on the fundamentals of the EU project. In north Cyprus, over 1500 people from governmental agencies but also from civil society attended our courses. In Macedonia, we worked with the government’s undersecretaries, as well as with officials from the ‘Sector of European Integration’, and with members of the British Council’s ‘Blue Sky’ network. In Croatia we have been organising regular conferences on recent EU developments, while also working with new recruits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with hundreds of high school students.
EU Law and Legal Harmonisation
Related Issues:
Single Market Law
Citizenship and Constitutionalisation
European Arrest Warrant and Policing
Team Leader: Prof Damian Chalmers 
Damian Chalmers is Professor of European Law at the European Institute of the London School of Economics. One of the world’s leading scholars on EU law, he has written influential textbooks and has published widely. For EPIC, Damian has worked with the Supreme Court of North Cyprus, and has given numerous seminars to the legal community in the Republic of Cyprus, in Croatia and in Hungary.

Cohesion and Rural Development
Related Issues:
Regional Policy
Access to EU funds
Programme Cycle Management
Project and Strategy Development
Cross Border Cooperation 
Team Leader: Ian Baker
Ian Baker is the Managing Director of Catalys. He has worked in regional and rural development policy for over 25 years with governmental agencies at local, regional and national level, as well as with NGOs. Since 2010, he has been EPIC's team leader for our Rural Development project in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Economic Governance and Single Market
Related Issues:
Economic and Monetary Union
Sovereign Debt Crises
Risk assessment
Deregulation and Privatisation
Europe 2020
SME economy
Industrial relations
Joint Team Leaders: Dr Bob Hancké and Prof Martin Lodge  
Bob Hancké is Reader in European Political Economy at the European Institute of the London School of Economics. He is an expert on comparative economic performance, labour relations and Economic and Monetary Union. Martin Lodge also lectures at the London School of Economics and is a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and a member of the LSE’s Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR).

Related Issues:
Single Farm Payment and Cross Compliance
Food Safety and Quality
Influencing the Eu from inside and outside
Agriculture and Trade
Team Leader: Bruce Ross 
Bruce Ross is the Director of the Brussels-based consultancy Ross Gordon. He is the author of a number of the European Commission's brochures on agriculture and on trade. Having had practical experience working on farms, Bruce spent eleven years with the National Farmers' Union of the UK, six of those years in the Union's Brussels office, the last three as Director. For EPIC he has implemented seminars for ministerial officials in north Cyprus, for the Foreign Ministry of Hungary, as well as for the Agriculture Ministries in Croatia, as well as Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Citizenship, Youth and Civil Society
Related Issues:
Interest Representation
Influencing EU politics
Transparency and Accountability
Identity and Democracy
Team Leader: Dr Andreas Staab 

Andreas Staab is the Managing Director of EPIC and a former lecturer in European Integration at the London School of Econocmis. He holds lectureships at the London programmes of several US colleges and universities and is the author of 'The EU Explained: Institutions, Actors, Global Impact'. Andreas has worked with media associations and journalists in a host of candidate countries and has implemented a number of youth-oriented programmes in Macedonia, Cyprus and Croatia. He has also worked with the US-based NGO 'Search for Common Ground' in Skopje.  


Related Issues:
Sustainable Development
Community Regeneration
Low Carbon Economic Development
Renewable Technology
Green Sector Skills
Team Leader: Graham Waddell 

Graham Waddell is Head of EaRTH (Environmental and Renewable Technologies Hub); a centre for environment and renewable technologies training at Bicton College in Devon/UK. He has over ten years experience in energy, sustainability and low carbon economic development in the public and private sectors. For EPIC, Graham developed and implemented a training programme in Belgrade on EU Energy Policy for officials working within the national energy ministry, public adminisration and energy utilities across Serbia. 



Graham Waddell


Police and Security
Related Issues:
Asylum and Immigration
Terrorism and Corruption
europol, Cepol, Police Chiefs' Task Force
Joint Team Leaders: Klaus Jansen and Friedrich Christian Haas 

Klaus Jansen is the Chairman of the Association of Criminal Investigators in Germany. Prior to the 2007 enlargement, he completed a study for the European Commission on the state of justice and home affairs in Bulgaria and Romania which was widely reported in the international media for its critical assessment of these two countries.  

Friedrich Christian Haas is Managing Director of Skabe ; a Germany based risk and crisis management consultancy. He has worked with top-level executives from governmental institutions, NATO, EU and foreign investors in South Eastern Europe as liaison officer, mediator, senior consultant and senior political advisor. He was also assigned as trainer for intercultural communication for police and intelligence officers.




Klaus Jansen

Interaction with Brussels
Related Issues:
Communication with EU institutions
Negotiation Skills
Interface between political and administrative systems
Team Leader: Tony Bass 

Tony Bass is an independent EU affairs and public relations consultant. He has been a Press Officer and communications advisor in a number of Irish ministries, including Foregin Affairs during the Irish Presidency of 1996. He was also Head of Training for the Irish Presidency of 2004.  More recently, Tony worked as a seconded national expert at the European Institute for Public Adminsitation (EIPA) in Maastricht. He has extensive practical experience  in EU forums, including Comitology committees and Council working parties. 

Tony Bass