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EPIC - the European Policy Information Centre
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  • EPIC draws on the insider knowlege of practitioners and scholars from across Europe. We bring together experts with those keen on furthering their understanding of the EU.

EPIC is an independent network of over 100 consultants and trainers. Founded in 1999 by a group of academics within the London School of Economics and Political Science, EPIC does not act on behalf of any governmental office or European institution. We therefore 'tell it as it is' and point to the strengths but also to the shortcomings of the European project.


Dr Andreas Staab, Managing Director
Andreas is a former lecturer in European Integration at the London School of Economics. Having left the LSE in 2000, he founded EPIC together with a group of colleagues. Over the years, he has trained over 5000 people - from journalists and business people, to public officials, NGO representatives as well as high school and university students. He worked mainly in accession and candidate countries, including Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey or Cyprus. Andreas is also the author of a textbook on the EU, called 'The European Union Explained'; the third edition of which was published in June 2013. 


EPIC has worked with prime ministers and high school students, supreme court judges and post graduates, journalists, governmental officials and lawyers, business executives and NGO representatives from all parts of the world. We apply innovative teaching methods that encourage creative thinking. Our courses accommodate different levels of knowledge and different professional backgrounds and our teaching style is proactive with the emphasis on practise-oriented exercises and problem-solving learning experiences. 


Our ever expanding team of experts addresses the broadest range of issues related to Europe and the European Union, whether from an economic, business, social or political perspective. ln addition to our strong academic foundation, we also count practitioners as our members who work for business associations, international organisations, in the legal sector, in the media, in public administration and in the non-governmental field. Over the years we have been particularly active in the following areas: 


·         Agriculture and rural development

·         Cohesion and Regional Policy

·         Energy

·         Economic governance

·         Police and judicial co-operation

·         Legal Harmonization

·         Citizenship, youth and civil society

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EU Updates: New Developments in the European Union   

Vrboska/Island of Hvar, Croatia 

June 5 - 8, 2018
This upcoming June, EPIC will hold its 15th annual summer school. In addition to Croatia's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA), we are delighted to welcome GIZ - the Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit as our implementing partner organisations. The course once again will take place at the four star Senses Resort (formerly Hotel Adriatic) in the impossibly picturesque village of Vrboska on the island of Hvar. The course will be supervised by Dr Andreas Staab with additional contributions from Tony Bass (Netherlands Institute for International Relations/Clingendael), as well as from a host of regional experts. The course will offer a precise and in-depth update on recent EU developments, while also integrating a range of organisational and administrative skills that are vital when interacting with the EU polity. The final agenda of this course is subject to change in order to take on board the most recent issues. However we can anticipate that the following topics will be covered: 
  • Single Market Developments
  • Competition, State Aid and Tax Avoidance
  • Working in the EU
  • Accession and the EU's Coordination System
  • Twinning Instruments
  • Lobbying and Interest Representation  
  • Security, Terrorism and Cybercrime
  • Brexit, Populism and the Future of the EU 



Vrboska, Island of Hvar





EPIC is currently establishing a network of organisations across central, eastern and south-eastern Europe which offer work placements to young people from across Europe and beyond. The volunteer scheme is aimed at young people who have finished their secondary education. These could be high school leavers, young professionals on a career break, or university students wishing to add practical experience to their academic education. The scheme is not limited to a specific type of organisation. Rather, EPIC intends to cast a wide net and would encourage different actors to join the network. These could for instance be an NGO working in the field of environmental protection, a small family farm, a business that is active in tourism or a public office connected to local governance. The main criterion is whether the partner organisation could benefit from motivated volunteers willing to contribute their time and energy in return for a cultural and professional experience. The work placements would take into account the educational and/or professional background of the volunteer, with the aim of establishing a scenario that would offer maximum reward for both the volunteer and the host organisation. The work placements run for different lengths of time in line with the requirements of the host organisation. In return, the scheme also has to take into account the time commitments of the volunteers. As such, a student might be able to take two weeks off in the summer before returning home to work on a part-time job that might be essential for funding her/his studies. Hence, work placements could be as short as two weeks, but might also last for up to two months or even longer.

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for any further information please contact:
Dr Andreas Staab
Managing Director
EPIC - the European Policy Information Centre
7 Ellington Road
London N10 3DD
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